Did your agent tell you they had buyers?

Theodora and David Garwood.

Twice recently we have had disappointed sellers tell us they gave the listing to another agent over us because the agent told them “they had buyers left over” from another property.

In both cases the property still has not sold after over two months on the market.

Everyone has buyers – they are not exactly in short supply! Buyers follow properties, not agents.

At the risk of over-simplifying the process, as soon as we put a new listing on the net -BOOM!

If anyone wants to look at our graphs of internet hits on a new property, just call or email me and I will send you some examples – it is like a near vertical spike which then falls away fairly sharply.

Buyers are not the problem – it is how they are handled. We would love to show you how we create multiple offers on properties by creating competition between them – and that simply does not happen when a ”leftover buyer” is introduced.

Call either Theodora or myself anytime to see how it is done, to not just sell your property, but to guarantee a premium price, the best that is out there.